Make in India

make_in_indiaAbout the Campaign

At World1 Solutions, we are incredibly inspired and passionate about supporting “Make in India ” and promoting “Made in India ” products to global clients. Make in India is the ambitious vision of the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi and the flagship campaign of the Indian Government. The campaign is intended to boost the Indian manufacturing industry and attract foreign investors to invest into the Indian economy.

The Make in India Vision

The aim of Make in India campaign is to significantly increase the contributions made by the domestic manufacturing sector to the national GDP from 15 % to 25% in-line with the other developing nations of Asia. In the process, the government expects to generate jobs, attract much foreign direct investment, and transform India into a manufacturing destination preferred by global investors.

Make in India Services Package

The Make in India Professional Services Package includes but is not limited to the below service categories:

Professional Services

Financial & Legal Services

Management & Business Consulting

Industry Research & Analysis

Manpower Staffing & HR

Business Promotion & Logistics

For certain services included in the package, we collaborate with our specialised partners, offering the highest quality of complementing services and solutions. Our affiliate partners are highly qualified, have a rich experience and expertise and are specialized in the following domains: Financial Advisory & Taxation, Legal Advisory, EPC, Recruitment & Selection et al.

Our Make in India Services Package is focused to provide the highest quality of specialised services and allied support to companies and/or foreign investors wishing to explore the opportunity of Making in India, for India and overseas markets across industry sectors, including the below 25 sectors, identified by the government of India as priority sectors based on the likelihood of attracting the highest FDI (foreign direct investment) coupled with investment which shall be promoted by the Government of India.

Automobiles Food Processing Renewable Energy
Automobile Components IT and BPM Roads and highways
Aviation Leather Space
Biotechnology Media and Entertainment Textiles and garments
Chemicals Mining Thermal Power
Construction Oil and Gas Tourism and Hospitality
Defence manufacturing Pharmaceuticals Wellness
Electrical Machinery Ports
Electronic Systems Railways